About The Study

Most people who get COVID-19—the disease caused by coronavirus—will experience only mild-to-moderate symptoms before recovering. However, some will go on to experience serious and even life-threatening complications. Older adults and people with certain health conditions are at higher risk for developing severe disease due to COVID-19 than the general population.

Researchers are looking for effective treatments for people with COVID-19; especially those at higher risk for the disease to become severe. By participating in the COMET-ICE study, you may be able to help us in this important research.

Researchers are investigating the effectiveness and safety of an investigational drug called VIR-7831, compared to placebo. They are testing to see if giving VIR-7831 to people in the higher-risk group who have mild-to-moderate COVID-19 can help prevent the disease from becoming more severe.

The study’s investigational treatment is given as a one-time, intravenous (IV) infusion, in one visit to the study clinic. Follow ups occur over the course of approximately 24 weeks through study clinic visits and telephone calls.

To qualify for the COMET-ICE study, you must be at least 18 years of age and have one or more high-risk factors, such as chronic disease, obesity, or advanced age. You must also test positive for COVID-19, which can be confirmed prior to your participation in the study through a qualified testing facility, or during screening for the study.